Dog Bite Insurance Claim in Murrieta

People opt for insurance coverage to cover any unforeseen or unexpected losses. Losses can be because of the involvement of a third party or without involvement of anybody, something happening naturally. When we talk about insurance companies and dog bite attacks, we maybe talking about significant financial losses.

Insurance companies offer coverage for dog bite attacks. However to get claim from insurance companies, one needs to first find out whether the dog owner had coverage, what are the exemptions stated under the coverage and finally determine if the coverage taken is sufficient enough to cover the losses. In such situations, taking the help and guidance of an experienced dog bite lawyer is very important.

Insurance coverage for Dog bite attacks

There are different types of insurance policies, most of them provide automatic coverage for dog bite attack injuries. The policy coverage amounts may vary, however most policies have coverage which is significant enough to cover the costs and expenses incurred by a dog bite attack, without the dog owner having to pay out-of-pocket for the damages caused. Some of the types of Insurance policies covering dog bites are Homeowners insurance, Renters insurance, Medical Payment coverage, Pet Sitters policies, commercial policies etc.

How to Deal with Insurance Companies?

If a person has been injured in a dog bite attack, first the injured person or his family should collect the contact information of the dog owner, find out if they have insurance coverage and gather information about the same. Generally in case of a dog bite attack, the owners will file an insurance claim with their insurance company to cover the losses. This makes things complicated for the injured party. Because insurance companies do not easily agree to offer a reasonable sum for settling the matter. Insurance companies try their best to pay the least amount of money on the claim and try to make it difficult for the injured and their family.

The insurance company will require the copies of the medical records, bills, other expenses etc. If the injured person, doesn’t organize their file with all the required documents, presenting the real risk of liability to the insurance company, the company will not make an offer of settlement. Even after facing the trauma of dog bite, the injured person is now left frustrated running pillar to post to receive their dues from the insurance companies.

One needs to understand that insurance companies are for-profit corporations. The higher they pay out in settlements, their profit margins will grow lower. In short, dealings with these insurance companies and fighting for your rights, are never fair. An injured person who is already in trauma of pain and financial losses, has to also deal with insurance professionals and defense attorneys. This is where the role of a dog bite lawyer comes in.

Khashan law firm has handled several such dog bite cases with fights against the insurance companies successfully on a number of occasions. In most of the situations, the matter has been settle before going to trial. Because as mentioned before, insurance companies are looking for profits. As soon as a professional dog bite lawyer gets involved, they become aware of the real risk of the client winning the case and getting awarded higher settlements. Hence the companies are ready to settle out of court and award the damages to the injured without going to court.

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