How to Deal with a Dog Attack

Retrospection always makes things look simple and easy. People find it easy to share their views and ideas on how to handle and face a disturbing, harrowing situation before it actually occurs vis-à-vis when the actual situation is being faced. We at Khashan Law firm understand that it is easy to advise than actually follow, but we are truly hoping to find a way to reduce if not completely eliminate these awful situations from arising.

Dealing with a Forthcoming Dog Bite Attack:

If you’ve come face to face with a dog who is displaying any of the below mentioned body language or mannerisms like showing its teeth, growling, making direct eye contact with you, ears pointed up, there are chances the dog is in an aggressive mood and can attack. The dog may be aggressive or try to be defensive, remember a dog attacks generally only if it feels that it is threatened.

To keep yourself protected from such an attack, below are few ideas which can help you avoid it:

  • Do not make eye contact with the dog.
  • Turn sideways and cross your arms as this makes you look smaller, and less threatening
  • Do not try to intimidate the dog, do not act aggressive in front of it.
  • Do not run, as this will instigate the dog to chase you
  • Ignore the dog.
  • Stay motionless for some time, and then slowly move away from the place.

Handling the Dog Bite Attack:

These steps will help you recognize a dog attack and avoid it.
Unfortunately even after following the above steps, a dog attacks you, try avoiding the below:

  • Fighting off the dog
  • Trying to cause pain to the attacking dog, as pain does not deter some breeds from biting or attacking.
  • Screaming or yelling
  • Baring your head, face, and neck to the dog

Dog bite attacks are scary and traumatic experience which no one should undergo. We at Khashan law firm hope that these incidents decrease and soon become a thing of the past. Unfortunately, dog bites and attacks keep occurring and there are thousands of people who have been injured and need protection and help with their legal rights and options.

Our dedicated team of dog bite lawyers can help families of dog bite victims to fight for and recover damages from dog owners. Our firm strongly believe in maintaining public safety, and hope that dog owners realize the seriousness of dog bite attacks, especially in case of children. We can help you file a lawsuit and help you recover all your damages including medical expenses and psychiatric expenses. You need to gain an understanding of what your legal rights are and what are the possible recovery options available for you. Contact us 951.461.2387 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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