How to Stop a Dog from Biting

Dogs play a very important role in the household and family life. As this population of canine pet’s increases, it becomes equally important for people in the society to have the right guidance and information which can help in preventing dog bites and it’s after effects.

The best way to prevent a dog bite attack is by taking proper steps, ensuring that an attack is avoided. It may sound too philosophical, but the truth is that taking measured preventative steps will help in saving thousands of people from facing dreadful injuries or worse. One can follow and do a number of things to avoid dog bites, right from training and socializing the pet to teaching your children on how to approach a dog and behave with it. Being informed is one of the best way to avoid public health crisis.

    • Education and Training: The first step in passing information regarding this subject, begins with primary care professionals and veterinarians. Almost 50% of the dog bite victims are young children, it is required to educate children and parents on how to prevent dog bite attacks.
    • Tips for Prospective Dog Owners: Families who are planning to bring in a new pet in the household, should consider their home environment before taking a decision. Households with children should prefer adopting a dog younger than four months, as the young pet can get accustomed and adjusted with children around. An older dog should not be adopted in houses with children as the dog’s behavior can be unpredictable.
      Potential dog owners should first gather breed-specific information before adopting a dog. Some breeds of dogs like the Siberian Husky, Boxer, Doberman, German Shepard, Pit Bull etc are more aggressive in nature and comparatively more dangerous breeds of dog.
    • Tips for Dog Owners: Once you have a pet in the house, ensure that you give him enough exercise, so that he does not pent up and react in aggression. Always use a leash while walking the dog in public. Do not miss on any of the Dog’s vaccinations.
    • Tips for Adults and Children: Avoid approaching a strange unknown dog. Never approach or disturb a dog when it is sleeping or eating or caring for its puppies. Stay away from a dog that is barking or growling. Never pet a dog or hug it and kiss it without the owner’s permission. Children should be taught to not tease or harass the dog, they should be taught that it is not a toy to be played with.

If you or child encounters a dog who is showing signs that he may attack you, do the following:

    • Avoid screaming and running away
    • Try to remain immobile, keeping the hands at your sides, and most importantly avoid any eye contact with the dog.
    • Once you realise the dog is losing interest in you, slowly move away from his sight.
    • If the dog attacks or jumps on you, let him grasp your jacket, purse, bicycle etc., do not let him touch you. Try bringing in anything between you and the dog.

We at Khashan Law Firm wish that dog bite attacks stop occurring and people do not have to undergo both physical and financial trauma, but we all know that it is not possible to completely end these attacks. Hence if you or your family member has been harmed and attacked by a dog,Contact us at 951.461.2387 and book your appointment for a consultation.

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