The National Dog Bite Awareness Week public service campaign has been launched by USPS (United States Postal Services) from June 12 to June 18, 2021. As part of the campaign, they have released the total number of mail carriers bitten by the dogs while on duty last year.

This awareness was dog attacks against USPS mail carriers which is very injurious to them. As per the list, California topped the list for the highest number of dog attacks experienced by USPS workers in 2020.

782 USPS workers were victims of dog attacks in 2020. Los Angeles with 59 attacks, ranked third on the list of 47 cities. More than 5,800 postal employees across the country were victims of dog attacks in 2020.

During the launch of the awareness campaign, The USPS stated that aggressive dog behavior is a serious threat to its employees and the public. “Be Aware: Any Dog Can Bite” is the theme of this year’s campaign.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness among the people that dog bites are preventable and “one bite is one too many.” #dogbiteawareness is the hashtag for the campaign.

The campaign focuses on:

  • Reminding the dog owners that they are responsible for controlling their dogs and ensuring that their pets are secured when a mail carrier arrives at their property.
  • Reminding the children to not collect the mail or packages directly from a mail carrier as the dog may view the mail delivery man as a threat.
  • Requesting owners to keep their dogs on leash or in another room or inside the house when a mail carrier comes to the house.

The USPS has trained its letter carriers to observe the places where they believe dogs can be present. They are trained to be alert and respect the dog’s territory.

They also have a dog alert feature on their handheld scanners reminding them of dog hazards. The carriers have been asked to make some noise before entering a yard to alert the dog.

In the unfortunate event of a dog attack, the company has trained its mail carriers to protect their body by placing something between them and the animal and use repellent if required.

The company has informed the residents that if a mail carrier feels unsafe, mail service may be interrupted not only for the dog owner but for the entire neighborhood. Services would be resumed only after the troublesome dog is restrained.

USPS stated that they are not against pets and most of their staff also has pets. All they want is some responsibility from the owner so that the mail carriers feel safe and go home unharmed.

Dog bite law California

With regards to dog bites, California is a “strict liability” state. The dog owner is held responsible for the dog bite irrespective of whether he had any previous idea about the aggressiveness of the dog or not. The owner is liable to pay for all the damages resulting from a dog bite.

California’s “Strict Liability” Dog Bite Statute

California’s dog bite statute is stated under the California Civil Code section 3342. According to the statute, the dog owner is liable for damages if:

  • A dog bite caused the damages
  • The victim was bitten in a public place or was lawfully present in a private place (including the dog owner’s property).

The statute is normally not applicable to dog bite injuries resulting out of a dog bite or attack by a dog carrying out police and military work.

California dog bite lawyers

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