Dog bite injuries are increasing in California as more and more people are adopting dogs and keeping them as pets with their family. Studies regarding pet ownership have revealed that around 2/3rd of the Americans own some pet, and most of them are dogs. Most people care for their pets and treat them as family. Most dogs are furry and lovable, they are great companions and loyal to their masters, however not all pet owners show the same devotion and love to their dogs. In many instances these dogs are neglected and even abused at times. This makes the dogs aggressive and they can end up attacking and injuring others. Some dogs just act randomly and end up attacking, even though they are trained and well cared for. Dog bite injuries has become an increasing problem as millions of dogs attack each year.

California is one of the very few states who follows the “strict liability rule” when it comes to dog bite injuries. California Civil Code Section 3342 which is popularly known as the dog bite statue, holds the pet-owners legally responsible for any injuries caused by their pets. In most situations the law offers recourse to the victims of dog bite injuries. Some states do not hold the owners legally liable if they were unaware about the dangerous nature of their dog. However California holds the owners responsible even if they didn’t have a reason to believe or know that their dog is dangerous and harmful.

There are few exceptions to the rules, to receive compensation, the victims of dog bite injuries will need to prove that they were in a public place or were lawfully present at the place where the dog bit them. It means that owners cannot be held liable if an individual was trespassing their property or committing a crime on it and was injured or bitten by their pet.

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