Dogs have always been an important part of the American culture and its people. Dogs are the most loyal companions, and provide their services to the police, military, and especially to people facing different medical challenges. But, it is important for people to understand the after effects and consequences of dog bite injury, so that everyone is aware about the types of risks involved when dealing with dogs. Dog bite cases in Murrieta has been on a rise, and it is important for people to be aware about the risks associated with dog bite injuries and how they can handle a dog attack case.

How high are the risks involved in cases of Dog Bites in Murrieta?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have estimated that every year United States encounters 4.5 million dog bite injury cases. And 750,000 of those dog bite injury cases require medical treatment. Citizens of Murrieta are at higher risk of dog bite injuries, than most other places as California has registered the highest number of dog attack cases in the entire country. The population density in Murrieta is higher as compared to the other places in California, with an average of 3,934 people per square mile. This high density of population in the state having the highest number of dog bite injury cases, makes it extremely risky for its residents, especially children.

Listed below are points which will brief you about the common dog bite injuries which arise as a result of a dog attack. What kind of aid and legal help can one receive in dog bite injury cases in Murrieta under the California dog bite attack law?

List of Dog Bite Injuries:

  • Dog bite injuries sustained after being bitten by an infected dog can lead to dangerous medical disorders like rabies, MRSA, Tetanus, Capnocytophaga and Pasteurella
  • Puncture wounds and cuts
  • Permanent scarring on the body
  • Disfigurement of face, body etc
  • Fracture or dislocation of bones
  • Loss of limbs or eyes
  • Damage to the Nerve or Tendon or soft tissues
  • Trauma to the head or back
  • Emotional stress or Post traumatic impact

Any kind of dog bite injury inflicted or infection contracted in case of a dog attack is tremendously painful and it involves constant medical care and enduring costs. Dog bite injury attacks cause a lot damage to the victims and their families. A personal injury law exists in California so that people receive justice in cases where they have been injured because of the negligence of the others. Under the California dog bite law, victims of dog bite injuries have the right to recover for the harm and pain they suffered.

Mentioned here are a few examples of the types of damages which a victim of dog bite injury can recover under a California dog bite attack lawsuit:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are expenses which are in tangible form of economic loss.

  • 1. Medical costs – A victim can recover all the costs of medical care he had to receive because of the dog bite injuries. This costs also includes future medical expenses which would be required for treating the injuries as advised by a medical professional.
  • 2. Loss of Income – It is very common, that victims of dog bite attacks miss work, resulting in loss of income for those days. This lost income can be recovered completely, including income which would be lost in future for medical treatment or because of any disability.
  • 3. Special care or help – Some dog bite injury victims are so severely injured that they are permanently disabled or would require special equipment or help to do their daily chores and remain mobile. All of these expenses occurred in the past or expected in future can also be recovered.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are for compensating any impact on the injured victim’s quality of life. A victim of dog bite injury may have to face struggles which they would not have to, if not for the attack.

  • 1. Emotional distress –A victim of dog bite attack may suffer from severe or permanent emotional injuries like fear of dogs or spending time in public places. This may result in sleep withdrawal symptoms because of nightmares etc.
  • 2. Pain and suffering – An injured victim undergoes a lot of physical pain and psychological trauma. This should be compensated.

If you or your family member has been a victim of dog bite injuries, you should take action and get compensated. Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers at Khashan Law firm, can help you file a lawsuit and help you recover all your damages including medical expenses and psychiatric expenses. You need to gain an understanding of what your legal rights are and what are the possible recovery options available for you. You can receive this understanding by consulting our team of specialized Dog Bite Lawyers, who have been helping victims of dog bite in Murrieta over the years to defend their legal rights. Contact us at 951.461.2387 or (833) BITE-LAW today to schedule a free initial consultation.