Whether you are an owner of a dog in California or have been a victim of dog bite or attack, it is important for you to understand and know about the dog bite law in California.

In case of a dog bite attack, the dog bite law in California holds the owner of a dog which bites liable in a civil lawsuit for the victim’s injuries.

The dog bite law in California is stringent and holds the owner liable even if the dog has never been aggressive or bitten anyone. This is different from the “one bite rule,” which is effective in many other states of the USA.

The one bite rule holds the owner liable only if their dog has bitten someone before or has been aggressive. Dog bites can cause serious and life threatening injuries, a victim can file a dog bite lawsuit in California to demand compensation for their damages.

The dog bite lawsuit settlements can include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, psychological trauma and suffering.

In the USA, California has the most number of dog bite lawsuits. We at Khashan Law are specialist dog bite attorneys, if you have been a victim of a dog bite or attack, we can help you file a dog bite lawsuit in California and ensure you receive your due compensation.

If you are a dog owner you need to know about the laws of your state and understand your liability if your dog bites someone.

What happens if my dog bites someone in California? Can they take my dog away for biting me?

In case of Dog bites and attacks, California is a “Strict Liability” State. The law considers the owner liable for a dog bite whether the dog has shown any aggressive tendencies earlier or bitten someone or not. You as an owner would be responsible to pay the victim for all the damages resulting from the dog bite.

Animal control team will visit you and ascertain if your dog has been given all the required vaccinations. The dog may be put in 10 days quarantine at your home or a shelter depending on the risk associated. If the dog is found to be rabid, the dog will be put down as the California dog bite law permits euthanasia of rabid dogs.

Do doctors have to report dog bites in California?

Yes. Doctors are duty-bound to report cases of dog bites for which they provide evaluation or treatment in California. The doctor has to report immediately to the health officials or designated officials when a victim of dog bite visits them. They have to report even if the injuries are not severe or even if they do not suspect the dog to be rabid.

How much can you sue for dog bite?

Victims of a dog bite in California are entitled to compensation for their injuries from the dog owner or his insurance company. As a victim you can file a lawsuit for dog bite and claim compensatory damages which may cover:

  • medical costs involved
  • cost of physical or psychological therapy,
  • cost of Trauma counseling,
  • amount to compensate loss of job or loss of wages,
  • loss of earning capacity,
  • compensation for pain, scarring or disfigurement

Families or near ones of victims who lose their life in dog bite attack can recover wrongful death damages or damages for loss of consortium in California.

Can I sue for punitive damages in a dog bite attack case?

In a few cases, the dog bite law in California permits victims to recover punitive damages from the dog owner. Punitive damages are “exemplary” damages which the guilty party has to pay as a punishment for wrong or bad behavior.

To get awarded punitive damages the victim will have to present clear and convincing evidence to the court that the dog owner’s actions were oppressive, fraudulent and full of malice. In this case, malice occurs when it can be proved that the dog owner consciously disregarded of the rights or safety of others.

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