Can I Get Punitive Damages in a California Dog Bite Lawsuit?

As per the statistics released by State Farm Insurance, California has the highest number of dog bite claims in the country. Most of the time the dog bites are not very severe and don’t require any hospitalization or medical treatment. However, many times the dog bite attack is very serious, requiring extensive medical treatment and care.… Read More

How much can I sue for a dog bite ?

Are you bitten by a dog? Have you suffered injuries? If you have been injured during a dog bite attack, in most cases the owner of the dog can be held liable to compensate you for any damages or losses suffered. In the United States, who can be held liable and what losses can be… Read More

California ranks 1st in dog attacks against USPS mail carriers

The National Dog Bite Awareness Week public service campaign has been launched by USPS (United States Postal Services) from June 12 to June 18, 2021. As part of the campaign, they have released the total number of mail carriers bitten by the dogs while on duty last year. This awareness was dog attacks against USPS mail… Read More

Understanding Aggressive Dog behavior

Handling dog behavior issues is difficult, especially if you have an aggressive dog. The aggressive dog behavior may keep you constantly worried about finding a wrecked living room or worrying about your dog attacking someone, another pet, or a stranger and if your dog bites someone will it be put down or not?. Though it… Read More

How to stop a puppy from biting

Americans love puppies, and over the years the number of families owning puppies has been increasing steadily. With the number of puppies being adopted as pets by families across the country, the facilities providing care and treatment for canines have also been increasing so people should know How to stop a puppy from biting. At… Read More

If a dog bites someone will it be put down?

Many dog owners and victims of a dog bites have a question; if a Dog bites someone will it be put down? The answer is yes it is possible that a dog can be put down for biting, but it won’t happen in most of the cases. There are specific dog bite laws which determine… Read More

Dog bite prevention during the Covid19 pandemic

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is observed every year in the second week of April. This year it was observed from April 12 to 18, the main aim of the dog bite prevention week is to educate people on how to prevent dog bites. Both the veterinary and insurance industries come together to educate and… Read More

How to train a dog not to bite

As a dog owner you will need to see how to train a dog not to bite and ensure that this kind of behavior can be accepted only till the time your pet is able to learn new ways to navigate and get accustomed to our human world. It is natural for puppies and dogs… Read More