Dog bite injuries can range from minor injuries to very serious or fatal injuries. These Dog bite injuries are a sign that an animal has been out of control and the owner is liable for it. The law requires the dogs to be well-behaved and under control when in public places. If the dogs are aggressive and attack, they owners can be held liable under the California Civil Code 3342 which is also known as the state’s dog bite statute.

Laws related to use of leashes or fencing laws are an attempt to maintain a balance between the rights of the pet owners’ versus the rights of the public to be free from any kind of danger of animal attacks or contracting animal-borne diseases.

If you or your family member has been a victim of dog bite injuries, it is very important that you avoid a few common mistakes which most individuals end up making under such circumstances. It is important to avoid these mistakes as it will help you protect your rights as a victim and to claim damages from the owners or responsible parties.

Not Seeking Medical Attention: Many people do not get any medical help after sustaining dog bite injuries. However this is very dangerous, as the victim cannot be sure that whether the dog was rabies free or not. Secondly, there are a lot of bacteria in the dog’s mouth, which can cause skin infections or diseases. The medical help taken is documented and can be very useful while filing for damages as it can show the connection between the dog bite and the injury.

Not Reporting the Bite: It is important to let the police and animal control know about dog bite injuries that had happened. This will ensure that the accident is documented properly. Do not hesitate to report the case to the authorities.

Speaking To The Insurance Company: The insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company may try to get something out of your mouth, which they can use against you later. Abstain from saying anything about the case to the insurance adjuster.

Not Taking Photos Of The Injury: Once the injury wounds are healed, it will be difficult for the jury or anyone else to understand the real extent of the injury. Therefore, it is very important to take and keep photos of the injury for future reference.

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